Welcome to CTM’s Google Summer Camp

When it comes to Google, we’ve got you covered.

Google is entering a new season – and we want to help you prepare for it, so pack your bags! It’s time to gain new skills, update your tools, and get a fresh outlook for 2023.

Intro to GA4

Lost data makes unhappy campers, and we don’t want that! That’s why we hosted an Intro to GA4 event so you can

  • Understand key differences between GA3 and GA4
  • Dive into GA4’s use of parameters and events
  • Explore GA4’s new style of data reporting and collection
  • Get familiar with GA4 terms
  • Optimize your Google Ads

Integrate your CTM account now with GA4 so you can have a year of good data ready to go in July 2023 when Universal Analytics (GA3) disappears.

Watch Intro to GA4 to learn

  1. Why you should integrate now (rather than waiting until GA3 sunsets) and
  2. What resources we have available for you on that trek to 2023

Are you ready to feel like you just scored the last s’more at the bonfire? 

Intro to GA4 Slides

Get the Google Tools Checklist

Our Google Tools Checklist is designed to help you understand and optimize your integrations, clarify your Google integrations strategy, and get your Universal Analytics, GA4, and Google Ads integrations running at 110%.

Download this interactive checklist for a better Google tools experience!

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The Difference Between GA4 and Universal Analytics

Are you ready for a new Google experience?

Read “Preparing for the Difference Between GA4 and Universal Analytics” to learn more about the changes you can expect from the new Google Analytics.

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Google Tools Boost Pack

CTM’s Google counselors are here to make sure your most powerful marketing software tools are running at 110%. With a Google Tools Boost Pack, you’ll feel confident knowing your Google integrations and tools are working the way you want them to.

What’s included in a Google Tools Boost Pack?

  • Assistance with upcoming GA4 integration
  • Review of current Universal Analytics integration
  • Trigger review, configurations, and field mapping
  • Google Ads integration and trigger review
  • Google Ads call-only extension configuration review

Reach out to your Account Executive to learn more or email sales@calltrackingmetrics.com.




Reading (or Listening) by the Campfire

Your CTM subscription gives you access to loads of articles on Google tools and CTM. Master the tools and concepts necessary for reliable call tracking and marketing attribution with these Knowledge Base and blog articles.

From basic setups to complex configurations, these materials will help you launch an account that meets your unique needs.

Google in CTM’s Knowledge Base

Universal Analytics (Google Analytics 3)

Google Analytics 4

Blogs on Google + CallTrackingMetrics

Our Google blogs can help you understand the larger context around your Google tools and how they work with your favorite platforms.

Google Themed Podcasts

Google | The Evolution of Search with Automation

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The Ins and Outs of Google My Business

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Straight from Google

Google’s got plenty of documentation on upcoming changes to their tools, services, and products, too. Take a look!

Prepare for the Future with GA4

Learn what changes you can expect when Universal Analytics is replaced by Google Analytics 4 and the reasons Google decided to switch things up.

This Google support article can help users migrate to GA4 in 12 steps.

Make the Switch to GA4