Using CallTrackingMetrics Numbers for Ad Extensions

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** We now offer a Google AdWords Integration that is able to capture the campaign data for call extensions and call only ads. Please follow the following step to set up your ad extension numbers. Once that’s complete you can set up your integration to capture the campaign data, down to the keyword data here.
Using Ad Extensions in AdWords allows you to place phone numbers in the body of your ad copy, allowing you to display a phone number to searchers prior to them clicking through your ad to your website.

Note: It is very important that you do not use the same tracking number in your ad extensions as you do for the number that is dynamically displayed on your website when a searcher clicks on an ad and visits your website (e.g. your Google AdWords tracking number). You need to use two separate tracking numbers:

  1. Use a tracking number associated to the source “Google AdWords”, which will be displayed dynamically to visitors when they click through to your website from one of your AdWords ads.
  2. Use a tracking number associated to an off site source such as “Ad Extension”, which will show in your ad (as described below).

To set up a tracking number in CallTrackingMetrics to use for your Ad Extensions, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the number you want to use
  2. For the source, choose “Ad Extension” from the dropdown in the source selection box. You will notice that this is already a source that exists in our system so you don’t need to create the source from scratch if you choose it from the dropdown.
  3. Navigate to the Adwords integration by going to Settings >> Integration and clicking on Adwords Call extensions.
  4. Choose your off-site source
  5. Go to AdWords and place the tracking numbers in your AdWords Ad Extensions.
  6. Be sure to check USE GOOGLE REPORTING
  7. Next, navigate to bulk options and select Scripts
  8. Click the red +SCRIPT to add a new script
  9. Copy the script from CTM into the Code section into Adwords. Name your Script “CTM Call Reporting”
  10. Authorize the script to run
  11. Save and close
  12. From the list of scripts add a schedule. Set it to run hourly.

If your tracking number is disapproved please reference: Google not verifying Call-Only and Call Extensions

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