Winding Down a Tracking Number

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When you are finished using a tracking number in advertisements, you have a few options:

Pause the number (useful for numbers being dynamically inserted on your website): this will stop the number from showing up on your website to new visitors- but the number will remain active so that if anyone had previously written it down they will be connected when they call it. You can pause a number on the tracking numbers page within the numbers menu (see pause option for your online numbers in the far right column). You will continue to responsible for paying the monthly fee for the tracking number and the per minute rates for any phone calls that come in through the number until you release it.

Tracking numbers

Stop calls from coming into the number: this will prevent calls from being connected through the tracking number so callers will get a disconnected tone when they call the tracking number. You would still be responsible for paying the monthly fee for the tracking number, but no per minute fees. You can do this by going to Numbers>Tracking Numbers and in the Active column, change the status to Stop Calls.
Stop calls

Release the number: this will cancel the number from your account so you will no longer be able to accept calls through this tracking number nor will you have to pay the monthly fee for the tracking number. You can do this by going to the Numbers>Tracking Number and clicking edit next to the number you want to release. Once on the edit tracking number page, scroll down and click the orange release tracking number button. The number will then be released back into a cleaning pool for purchase.

Release number

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