Multiple Phone Numbers on Website

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If you have multiple phone numbers on your website, we have designed our code to look for a Target number. This Target number will be the number on your website that we are looking for to swap with.

To Add Target numbers Go to Numbers then Target Numbers. There is an “Add Target Number” in the upper right hand corner.
Add a Label to let you know what number it is at a glance. For example : Cell Number, Office Number, Toll-Free
The Website Number is the Number that is on your website, When you have multiple numbers on your website you will add multiple target numbers.
Learn about Exact Match Here
Choose which Tracking Numbers you want to swap with that Target number by moving them from the left hand side to the right hand side.

Once you have that saved anytime our code sees the Target Number on your website we will know which Tracking number to swap with.

Website Target Numbers

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