Setting Up Agency Whitelabeling

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Whitelabeling is available through our Marketing Plan. If you would like to white label your accounts with your agency branding but you are not yet on the the Marketing Plan, you can change your plan by going to settings—> account settings and clicking “change plan” at the top of the page where it lists your current plan.

We offer two different types of whitelabeling on the Marketing Plan:

  1. Premium- White Label On Your Domain (Marketing Plan+Premium White Label): Run our system on your domain so that its completely seamless with your other services. This is a great way to maintain complete brand control over your customer’s experience. Your logo will be displayed throughout the system, login pages are white labeled, any system emails will come from your own email address, and any help/contact pages will be white labeled with your content. Pricing runs $149 a month for the agency, with a $49 set up fee. 
  2. White Label on a subdomain (Marketing Plan): Choose your own subdomain on (e.g. and display all of your own branding throughout the system. Similar to option #1 above, but on a subdomain of calltrackingapp and does not use your own email for system emails to clients. Pricing runs $99 a month for the Advanced plan with no set up fee.

To set up or change your agency whitelabeling, go to settings–> agency settings. Then navigate to the “Appearance” area of the page using the navigation on the left side.

In this section, you will be able to set the following:

  1. Choose the logo that will be displayed in the upper left corner of the system as well as on your login page.
  2. Choose a color palette for your accounts.

If you want to whitelabel on your own domain, click the “domain settings” button on the right side and it will prompt you to fill out a request form and to confirm the extra charges for white labeling on your own domain. That request will be sent to our development team and they will follow up with you to get it set up.

If you prefer to just white label on a calltrackingapp subdomain, click the “Logo and Text” button on the right side and it will prompt you to fill out the following:

  1. Choose your white label URL (they are all sub-domains on the calltrackingapp domain)
  2. Choose your white label email address. Any notifications or scheduled reports that you set up through the system will go to your clients from this email address.
  3. Customize email footer: this is the content/contact information you want displayed in any system emails that get sent to your client (scheduled reports, notifications etc)
  4. Customize help page:  this content will appear when your customers click the “help” button in the far right position of the main navigation when they are logged in. If you do not have any help content, then the system will not display a “help” option in the main navigation.
  5. Customize the welcome email new users will receive when you add them to your accounts.

Those customers choosing to whitelabel on their own domain should also click the “logo and text” button on the right side of the appearance area and configure items #3 through #5 above. #1 and #2 will be taken care of as part of your premium whitelabel on your own domain.

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