Canceling Your Account

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You can cancel an account at any time by going to the account settings page within the Settings menu.  Click the orange “cancel account” button in the middle of the page.

If you are an agency (with multiple sub-accounts), you can cancel individual sub-accounts by following the instructions above or if you wish to cancel your entire agency (and all the sub-accounts in it), go to the agency settings page within the Settings menu and click ​the orange “cancel agency” button.

If you are on a plan with subaccounts, in order to no longer be charged the monthly subscription fee for your software, you need to cancel your account at the agency level– not just cancel each of your sub-accounts. To cancel at the agency level, go to settings—> agency settings and click the orange cancel agency button.

When you cancel your account or agency, all tracking numbers within the account(s) are released. You will still be able to access your reports from when the account was active.  Call recordings will be accessible for 60 days after you cancel your account.

You can reinstate your account at any time. The tracking phone numbers will be released, but all marketing sources and data will be preserved.

Contact us ( if you would like to request a refund of your unused available balance after you cancel. While we cannot always accommodate refunds (especially if the last credit card transaction funding the account was more than 2 months ago), we will make every effort.

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