View Canceled Accounts

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After you cancel an account, you can still view all of the past data for that account and reactivate the account if you wish down the road.

If you are an agency and you want to view cancelled accounts: 

1) Go to Settings > Accounts. Accounts view will display all sub-accounts under an agency.  In the upper right corner of the window, select Canceled to view the closed accounts.

View cancelled accounts

2) Click on the sub-account to view the residual data.

When in your agency dashboard and you wish to view canceled account data: 

3) Go to Reports > Agency Dashboard. In the upper right corner of the window, choose cancelled from the drop down to view closed accounts historical data.

View closed accounts historical data

To reactivate a closed account:

1) Switch into the account and go to Settings > Account Settings > Status and select the Reactivate Account button.

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