Pausing Account

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When winding down an account, you have 3 options, all of which are found on the Account Settings page.

  • Go to Settings > Account Settings
  • Within the Account Controls area, choose the option that works best for your scenario.

Account controls

  1. Stop Incoming Calls: The tracking numbers will remain in your account and you will be charged the monthly fee for them and your monthly subscription fee for your account however no calls will be placed to the tracking numbers.
  2. Pause Tracking Code: Tracking numbers remain in your account and you will be charged the monthly fee for them and your monthly software fee for your account  Any calls placed to those numbers will go through (and thus you will be charged the per minute fees). However, the tracking numbers will no longer appear dynamically on your website if you are using our tracking script to show your numbers. This is a good way to wind down your tracking numbers so no new people see the numbers on your website.
  3. Cancel Account: All tracking numbers are released in the account and you will no longer pay the monthly fee for them. No calls can be placed to those numbers any longer. If you are not an agency, then you will no longer pay the monthly subscription fee associated with the account once you cancel the account.
  4. If you are on a plan with subaccounts and you want to cancel your service entirely, you should do so by going to settings—> agency settings and click the orange cancel agency button. This will stop the monthly subscription fee from being charged and will cancel all sub-accounts in the agency.

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