Geo Route Phone Calls Based on Caller’s Location (US & Canada Only)

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You can seamlessly route incoming phone calls by area code or ZIP code to your nearest location using Geo Routing.

Whether you are a franchise organization or a national company with many local locations, this is a perfect solution to easily configure a geographic call routing solution.

Some of the highlights:

  • Publish one tracking number that connects callers with your closest location
  • Set location information and territory radius’ for each of your locations (with a bulk import option, you enter many locations quickly).
  • If the call cannot be auto routed, you can set up a customized voice prompt asking caller to enter zip code or route to a default number.

To set up Geo-Routing, go Numbers > Geo Routing

1. Start by clicking “Add Geo Router” on the black bar at the top of your screen.

2. Name the Geo Router something so that you’ll recognize and know what it is. Then assign the Tracking Numbers that should have Geo Routing enabled on them.

Geo setup

4. Next you’ll want to decide how we’re going to Geo Route your callers:

  • The first option is to route silently based on their area code they’re dialing from or to ask them to enter their zip code if we can’t identify a match.
  • The second option is to route silenlty based on their area code they’re dialing from and if we can’t identify a match then we’ll route to a default Receiving Number or Voice Menu.
  • The third option is to always prompt the caller to key in the their zip code to be routed to the closest location.

Geo prompts

4. If we can’t find a location to route the caller to, you can select how you’d like to handle the caller. In the event that we find multiple matches to route the caller to, you can select how you want to ring to the Receiving Numbers:

Routing preferences

5. Now you’ll want to decide how to Geo Route your callers, by area code or by zip code.

Geo Route your callers by area code or by ZIP code

6. Lastly, set up your office locations by clicking “Add New Receiving Numbers” at the bottom of the page. You’ll be taken to a page where you can bulk import office names, receiving numbers, and their associated zip codes:

Add New Receiving Numbers

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