Exporting Call Detail Into Excel

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From the call log, you can click the export button (the cloud with the arrow) to export all of the details for each of your call into an excel file.  Or you can go to Calls > Export Calls. Both will take you to the export call log data page

Click export

From here you can select which email address you’d like to send the export to, the destination. You can search/ filter your export based on matching keywords or phrases. Next you have the option to export filters by date , dimension or metrics. You have the option to filter the export for specific tracking source, tracking number or receiving number. In addition to that you can filter by length of the call, talk time, ring time, visitor data, keypress or status among other options.

Export Log Data

Filter by date or a dimension or metric

Filter by date or a dimension or metric

Configure and format the export:

Configure and format the export

There is an option within Run to remember export options which will save the selected options for the current user.

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