Where you would find your call event in Google Analytics

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You can link a Call Tracking Metrics account to a Google Analytics profile very quickly in our system.

Within the Email menu, go to the account settings page. In the “metrics integration” dropdown, choose Google Analytics.  Click the “link your analytics account” button. You will need to provide your email address so that Google can find all the Google Analytics profiles you are associated with. You need to be an administrator of the Google Analytics profile you want to link in order to be able to link it here.

Choose the Google Analytics profile you want to link and click “Use selected profile” to complete the linking process.

Linking your account to Google Analytics will allow us to incorporate Visitor data into the reports. It will also record events in your google analytics account each time a call is made through a CallTrackingMetrics tracking number. If you wish, you can then set-up goal conversion tracking in analytics around your events.

Once your account is linked, you will see the calls show up in “Events” in Google Analytics (which is within the “Content” area). The “Event Category” will be labeled Calls and the “Event Action” will be the tracking source of the call (i.e. Google Organic, Google Paid etc). Within each event, you will be able to see the caller ID information (name, phone number) for each call.

Google Analytics > Events

Once your account is linked to Analytics, you can set up goals so that conversions can be tracked in adwords. Learn more about linking to Google Analytics and Adwords Conversions

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