Why Is My Number Not Swapping?

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When testing your number swapping, there are a few things you want to double check to be sure that your test is accurate and that your configurations are set up correctly in your account:

1) Make sure dynamic tracking code is installedThis article walks you through the installation. You can find the code in our system by going to numbers > tracking code.  Be sure that you have the code from the correct account installed. If you are an agency with multiple sub-accounts for clients, each sub-account has its own tracking code.

2) Make sure the website target number for your tracking number is correct: The target number should be the number that is on your website (i.e. the one that is hard coded). You can edit the website target number for your tracking numbers by going to numbers—> tracking numbers. You will see a website target number column. This has to be correct as it tells the tracking code what phone number to look for on your website. Learn more about target numbers. 

3) Cookies: remember we cookie each visitor to the original source they came through and that includes you when you are testing. In order to avoid being cookied when you are testing, we usually recommend testing in Chrome incognito mode or Safari private browsing so that you can come to the site without any cookies. Be sure to close out any other Incognito windows prior to your test. 

This article walks you through how to test number swapping. 

4) Check to see if your visit and other visits are being tracked: This page shows you all the visitors to your website that are being tracked by our tracking code and which tracking numbers they are seeing.  You should see your test on here. 

Once you’ve gone through these steps and you still aren’t seeing your number swap, let us know! We are happy to help. 

5) Check if your target numbers are in the same tag: If you have two numbers and one isn’t swapping, put each target number in a separate tag.

6) Check the target number: Make sure the phone number is set as “phone match”.  If you have a vanity number (888-555-ABCD) create two target numbers, one phone match (888-555-2223), one exact match (888-555-ABCD).

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