How Long Do You Cookie Visitors?

Last Updated: 08/03/2017 Back to Topic All Articles

By default, our system will cookie website visitors for a 30 day period. This means that if a visitor comes to your website from an advertising source you are tracking and then they come back within the 30 day period from another source, our system will remember the original source they came from.  If they come again after that 30 day window, a new cookie will be placed with the source information that new new visit.

You can adjust this cookie duration within the tracking script area of account settings.

In order for our system to be able to recognize the source of your visitors, you need to be sure and have our tracking code installed on your website. You can find the tracking code for your account on the tracking code page within the numbers menu.

You can also choose to enable last touch on your advertising tracking sources in CTM. By turning on last touch, you are telling the system that if a visitor comes through this advertising tracking source/channel, it should override any previous sources the visitor has been cooked to.

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