Transferring Accounts (Moving Accounts into or out of Agencies)

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If you have a customer, or you are a customer, that is moving from one CTM Account to another, we require the permission from the losing account/agency administrator and the winning account/agency administrator to move the account. If the account is moving between agencies, it must be the agency administrators that approve the move.

To facilitate the move, email us at info@calltrackingmetrics , CC the losing account administrator so that they can reply saying that they approve. If you are not the administrator of the winning account, also CC them so they can approve.

If you are moving your account from an Agency to a new stand-alone account, you will need to first create a new account with CTM.  Email us at with your new account name and ID and CC the agency administrator of the losing agency asking us to move the account. You can find your account ID by clicking on Settings in the upper right of the page.


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