Understanding Logs

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Account Logs will give you a line by line detail of how your available balance was used. To find your logs go to the Settings > Account Settings > Advanced Settings then select Logs.

For Agencies you will follow the same navigation as above then click on “Agency Logs” in the upper right hand corner

Under the Logs you will see the  Date, Type, Amount, Starting Balance, Resulting Balance, and Description.

Log chart header

Date will show you the day that the day that transaction happened.

Type will show either Payment or Deposit. The difference between the two is Deposit means that you are adding funds to your available balance and Payment means that money was deducted from your available balance.

Amount will show how much we are either putting into your available balance or deducting from your available balance.

Starting Balance shows you the available balance before we deducted or added funds from/to your available balance.

Resulting Balance will show you what your new balance after each line item was added/deducted.

Description tells you what the transaction was for such as billing for minutes used, renewing numbers, subscription fee, adding an amount to your account.

Here is an example of a log:

How to read the log above:

First you want to start at the bottom. 

  • Our starting balance as of  2014-06-25 was $13.38. We had a 9 Minute call to a toll free number that cost us $0.5580. That was deducted from our starting balance of $13.38, to give us a resulting balance of $12.82.
  • The next line up has the Starting Balance of the $12.82 then we deduct a $.0520 for a single toll free minute call resulting in $12.77. You’ll see this happens a few more times.
  • On 2014-06-29 two things that happen at the same time. You will see that reading from the bottom going up it shows we have a starting balance of $-16.82. So how did that happen if on 2014-06-27 the resulting balance was $12.18?  Well above the payment of $29.000 shows the starting balance of the $12.18, it was this action that caused the starting balance to drop to $-16.82. Since these things happen at the same time the order they can show up in a reverse order.
  • For this account we have it set up to auto renew our available balance to go back up to 45 dollars when we drop below $10.00, so we had a deposit of 61.82 to bring us up to an even $45.00
  • You can see we had two more 1 minute toll free minutes used and then on 2014-07-02 we had 2 toll-free numbers renewed that day and 0 local numbers.

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