Pausing Dynamic Number Insertion

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Pausing an account or number stops the CallTrackingMetrics tracking code from displaying numbers on your website. You can choose to pause individual numbers, or pause all numbers in the account at once.

Pausing a number does not stop charges for the number or for the account.  Calls made to the numbers will connect and route as normal.


Pausing Individual Numbers

1) Navigate to Numbers → Tracking Numbers.

2) In the Type column on the far right of the page, each number assigned to an on-site source will have a (pause) button.  Click this to stop number swapping for this number.

3) The page will update to show paused numbers in grey text.  You can un-pause a number at anytime by clicking (resume).

Pausing All Numbers

1) Navigate to Settings → Account Settings.

2) Click or scroll to the Status section.

3) Click Pause Tracking Code.  You can un-pause the tracking code by clicking Resume Tracking Code.

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