Pause a Number

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Sometimes people want to stop displaying the tracking numbers but still want to receive calls to that number. This can be done by Pausing, Pausing will only stop the tracking code from swapping the tracking number or numbers. This will NOT pause your account you WILL still be charged monthly for the cost of the number and any minutes used.

To Pause your numbers go to Settings then Account Settings.

Pause a Number

This pause will stop the swapping for ALL of your numbers on your website.

If you want to Pause only a select few numbers you will do that under the Numbers > Tracking Numbers page.
On the last column of the call log there is a  TYPE column. It will say either onsite or offsite. This tells us if the number is swapping on a website or if it is offsite such as on a billboard or tv ad.
If it is onsite you will see a (pause) link next to the type.
By clicking on that link the row that your tracking number will be greyed out.
Click the pause link
This will let you know quickly by looking at your Numbers > Tracking Numbers page that number is paused.
To resume the tracking again you will just need to click on the (resume) link.

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