Changing Cookie Duration

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By default we will set the cookie duration to 30 days. That means that with in the 30-day period we will continue to show your visitor the same number. You can change this time period to be longer or shorter if you wish.

To change the length of the cookie duration, you will go to the Settings menu, then to Account Settings.
Account settings

From Account Settings, click on Advanced Settings and go to Tracking Script.
Advanced settings > Tracking script

From there you will update the settings in the text box. You can go as high as you want or as low as 1.

Cookie settings

Then click “Update Settings.”

If you change the cookie duration from 30 to lets say 90 then the next time someone comes to your site even with a 30 day cookie duration we will update the cookie with the 90 days. It will replace the cookie. This means we will show them a new tracking number if they came from a different source. They will only get a new cookie the next time they come to your site.

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