Canceling an Agency

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If you need to downgrade your plan, here are the steps you will need to take.

  • Go to Settings > Agency Settings
  • Click “Cancel Agency”

** WARNING: This will cancel all sub-accounts in your agency and will release their tracking numbers.***

If you wish to downgrade your Agency, you need to first cancel all but 1 of the sub-accounts in your Agency to see the option to downgrade to a non Agency plan. You can cancel individual sub-accounts by going to Settings–> Sub-Accounts and going to the Account Settings page for each sub-account that you wish to cancel. (You will see an orange “cancel sub-account” button on each of their Account Settings pages).

Once you have cancelled all but 1 sub-account, you can go to Settings > Billing Settings > Billing > Change Plan to downgrade to a non agency plan.

If you wish to only cancel some of the sub-accounts in your agency rather than canceling the entire agency, you can do so by switching into the sub-account you want to cancel and go to settings > account settings. Click the orange “cancel sub-account” button. This will cancel just that sub-account you are in.

In order to stop being charged the monthly subscription fee for your plan, you need to cancel the entire agency using the cancel agency option on the agency settings page.

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