White Label Setup

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Agency Settings

So you’ve signed up for the Advanced account. Now what?

The first thing you want to do is go to the Email Menu then go to Agency Settings.

From there you will fill out the Agency Details information.

The form below is filled out for an Agency called WooCalls.

Agency details

The next thing that we will do is go to White Label and click on Domain Settings. This form is sent to our developers so that they can prepare everything so that you can have a CTM on your own domain.

Domain settings

That will take you to this form;
Domain settings form

The form is fairly straight forward.

For WooCalls we want the customers to go here:

URL for white label

The email that we want people to get mail from if they have a notification will be from calls@woocalls.com:

Email for white label

The name of the contact person that our developers will be talking to is Fred Woo (no relation to the CTM employee fred woo):

Contact name

Our developers will be working with Fred so we need to know BOTH the email and phone number to get in contact with him.

Contact email
Contact phone number

The last thing we will need to do with this form is to: Send request

Once the form is submitted this is what you will see:
Response to submitted form

The Next step is to set up the rest of the white label stuff. By going to Agency Settings then To Whitelabel then to Logo & Text:
Whitelabel then to Logo & Text

The first thing to do is Choose a file with our Agency’s Logo. Your logo will display on each page a signed in user can access. In addition, your account will have a branded log-in page with your logo.

Upload screen

Next is optional to set up the white label subdomain and email address from calltrackingapp.com:
Set up a white label subdomain

Make sure if you fill this out to hit the “Save Email & Domain name” button.

Next you will want to customize the Email Footer. Make sure to hit Save after you put something in:
Email footer
This will be at the end of any email that gets sent from the system such as a notification.

Next you will want to customize the Help Page:
Customize help page

This way your customers will know where to go or who to contact if they need help. Our help page IS NOT whitelabled.

Make sure you save any work that you do.

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