Installing the Tracking Code on Wix Sites

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If your website is built in Wix, you will need to use an alternate code to enable dynamic number insertion.  With any kind of dynamic number insertion, you will need to have a target number configured in your account.  Follow the directions here to configure a target number before beginning with the Wix setup.

Due to the way the script interacts with Wix, we are unable receive campaign information from Google visitors on Wix sites.  The script will be able to recognize that a visitor came to your site from a Google ad, but there will be no campaign, keyword, or medium data associated with the session data in your CTM account.

Script Installation

1) Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Wix.

2) Copy the script found on this page.  This script is unique to each individual CTM account or subaccount.

3) In your Wix account, add an HTML element to your website.  Click here for more information on adding HTML to your Wix site.

4) Paste the script from your CTM account into the field provided.  Make sure to replace “Place Your Target Number Here” with the target number you have configured in your account.

5) Click Update to save the HTML.

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