Agent Routing Rules

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Once you have created AND SAVED your queue you can go back to click on the Agents Routing Rules.

Agent Routing Rules

You will get a screen that looks like the following. Circled is the name of the call queue. This one was named agent routing rules playing. Yours will say whatever you have the call queue named for example a call queue named Sales will have Sales  in the circle.

Agent routing rules playing

This screen shows the agents that are currently in you queue. You can see if they have any of the following:

Edit: to edit that agent
Name: Name of the agent
Dial: the number we dial or if they are using the browser phone
Schedule : is this agent only in this queue during certain hours of the day and then in another queue for other hours? you can see if they have a schedule for the call queue here.
Geo Route: Does this agent only get calls for a specific area? You can see if they are geo routed here.
Limited Calls: How many calls within a given period can the agent handle.
usage: How many calls within a given Rolling period has the agent handled.
Call Length: How long should a call last before it counts against the usage. This is set in the limited calls section.
Concurrent Calls: How many calls can the agent take at the same time?
Weighting: Based on the concurrent and limited calls the agent can handle the weighting will be used to prioritize routing to this agent over other agents.
Pricing: Charge agent per call through stripe payment processor

Trouble Shooting:

Your queue has to be created first and saved before anything can happen.

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