Agent Routing Rules: Location Routing

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The Location Routing is used for when you want to geo route your call queue and you might have agents in the specific areas that will only get those calls. For example you have agents in Florida, California, Maryland and Texas. You can say the agents in Texas will get the calls that come from a Texas area code or zip code, while the California agent gets calls that come from California area codes or zip codes.

The Location Routing is the Second Box in the Agent Routing Rules Edit section, it looks like the following.
Location Routing

To add specific locations just click on the Edit Locations button: edit locations

That will take you to a screen that looks like the following:

Area codes

in the text box you can paste a list of area or zip codes you wish to have that agent route to. Then you can press save and it will add those areas to that agent so when a caller calls in from one of those areas that agent will get the call.

Once you are done if you have made any changes always remember to Save!
You can click Save Agent & Edit or Save Agent & Done

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