Agent Routing Rules: Scheduled Routing

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If you have an agent that may be in different queues at different times you may want to create a scheduled routing rule for the agent for the specific call queue.

For example Lets say Fred Woo works in Sales in the morning and then Support in the afternoons, In the Sales call queue under the agent routing rules next to Fred’s scheduled routing we would select the schedule Fred would be using for this call queue. If we do not have one set up already we can create a new schedule to use. Then we can do the same for the Support call queue using a different schedule so that way when it is between 9am and 11:59am Fred will be in the Sales call queue and then from 12pm to 5pm Fred will be in the support queue.

  1. First you will want to create your schedules for Fred. You can learn more about creating a schedule here.
  2. Create your call queue
  3. Next in your call queue navigate to Click Edit next to the call queue.
  4. Scroll down to the Routing section.
  5. Click on Edit Agent Routing Rules
    Edit Agent Routing Rules
  6. Click on the pencil next to Fred’s Name
    Click on name
  7. You will now be on a new Rules page to describe how calls to THAT AGENT are handled when routed through the Current queue.  Scroll down the to Scheduled Routing And use the dropdown to choose the Schedule. Rules page
  8. repeat for any other queue.

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