Agent Routing Rules: Limit Based Routing

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The third box is the Limit Based Routing. This is used when you only want to have a specific amount of calls with in a specific period. So lets say one agent is quick to answer the calls and you want to slow them down a little and allow them to only answer 5 calls every hour, but only counts if it is longer then 3 minutes. You would set that here.

Limit Based Routing

In the first section for Allowed calls per Unit we would put in 5:
allowed calls per unit

Next we would use the Limit Calls by Unit drop down to choose hour.
Calls by Unit

Finally we want to not count short calls against this agent so if it is less then 3 minutes we will not count it. So in the Call Length field we will put in 180 (time in seconds so 60 x 3 =180) . If we left it at 0 then any call the agent got would be counted against the 5 regardless of the call length.

Call Length

Once you are done if you have made any changes always remember to Save!
You can click Save Agent & Edit or Save Agent & Done

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