Agent Routing Rules: Weighting

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The weighting in the Agent routing rules is based on the concurrent and limited calls the agent can handle. The weighting will be used to prioritize routing calls to this agent over other agents.

Lets say for example you have a sales team but if no on in your sales team is available you want someone who is typically on your support team to answer this call. With the weighting you will give your sales team higher weighting over the people who are not typically in the sales but just incase can ring to them if everyone in the sales team is busy.

Here is an example of a Support Queue Agent Routing Rule where Susan will be the first person to get a call however if she is not available then it will ring to Laure. If both Susan and Laure are busy it will ring to Fred as a last resort.

Agent Routing Rules: Weighting

To change the weighting just click on Edit next to the agents name. Then in the fourth box is the Weighting Based Routing. You can also set the concurrent calls here.

Agent Routing Rules: Weighting

Once you are done if you have made any changes always remember to Save!
You can click   Agent Routing Rules: Weighting or Agent Routing Rules: Weighting

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