Audio Input Control

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Our audio input control now makes it easy to manage your all of your audio needs.

The Control looks like the following:

Audio Input

The text-to-speech voice allows you to choose which voice you want to use when speaking the text. It will read your text phonetically. If no voice is chosen, it will use the default one that you have selected in the Numbers > Call Settings page.

 This icon will pop a new window for custom audio recordings. You can upload a new file, use past recordings, or choose a system recording. Simply click the “use” button to select that file. The text bar will update to show the name of the file being used.

Custom Audio Recording list sample:
Custom Audio Recording list sample
Sample of custom audio file:
Sample of custom audio file
Sample of custom audio file

Record This icon allows you to record from your computer or record from your phone.
Start recording
This button will turn red while you are recording to press to stop the recording
Stop recording

Once you have made your recording you will have the option to preview the recording before saving. Preview

When recording via your phone, you will be asked to enter in your phone number and then press call to start recording.

Play The Play button will allow you to hear the recording.

Play message before action

Please note that if you are using text-to-speech, you will need to spell it phonetically. Some special characters, such as ” ô ö ò ó œ ø ō õ “, may not be spoken correctly. We suggest you use the play button to hear how it sounds.

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