Text Triggers

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Note: this article is about text triggers; you can also set up call triggers.

Text triggers can be used to automatically take actions in your account based on inbound texts.  Using triggers, you can automatically send a response to the customer, forward the text to a cell phone, trigger an event to Google Analytics, send email notifications, and more.

Triggers can be applied to different groups of tracking numbers, so that you can have different actions taken for different advertising channels or customers in your account.

Creating a Trigger

1) Navigate to Texts → Triggers. (If you have no triggers, you’ll be taken to a new setup page.  Otherwise, click New Trigger in the upper right corner.)
2) Enter a Name for your trigger.
3) Click +Add Rule to create a new rule for the trigger.

  • To have this trigger occur after every inbound text, leave the default setting (“Body is anything”) in place.
  • To have the trigger occur under specific conditions, use the drop-downs to construct a different rule (such as “Body contains ‘coupon code'”).

4) Click Add Action to set what will happen when the trigger conditions are met.  You can add multiple actions to each set of rules.  The following actions are available:

  • Reply to Message
  • Forward Message
  • Send an Email
  • Tag Message
  • Send Analytics Event
  • Add to Opt-Out List
  • Add Sender to Future Scheduled Text (bulk texting)
Forwarding text messages is a great way to be alerted to incoming texts, but keep in mind that if you respond to the forwarded message, the text goes back to the tracking number, not to the person who sent the original message.

9) Fill out any required fields based on the actions selected.
10) In the Tracking Numbers section, click to select the tracking numbers you want to use this trigger.
11) Click Save Changes.

When using the Send an Email option, be aware that the Recipients field has a limit of 255 characters.  If you need to send an email to more people, create an additional trigger using the same settings so that you can add more recipients.

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