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Setting up triggers is a good idea, if you want to know when you get a text to your tracking number but do not want to come into CTM every day to check.

Here you will learn how to set up automatic triggers to happen each time you receive a text message.

Click here to follow our built-in guide for forwarding texts to a cell phone.

First you will go to Texts > Triggers.

Texts > Triggers

Click the “new trigger” button on the right side of the page.

New Trigger


Trigger Settings

  • You will start the trigger by giving it a name, the default name is going to be New Trigger followed by the date of the creation
  • Next you will select which tracking numbers (from a list of numbers that have SMS enabled) to include in the trigger.
  • In the second section, click “Add Rule” to add the first condition for the trigger.
  • You will notice that you can choose to match a particular pattern of words in the text message or choose “is anything” to have the trigger occur for any incoming text.
  • You can then choose which action to take when the condition is met. For example, you can have it send an email, send an SMS reply, or forward the SMS to someone else’s cell phone.

Text options
Text options

  • You can have multiple actions for each match section. In the following example when we get a text we will 1) send an email with the subject “New Customer!” and the body saying follow up, with the customers account name. For emails, specific attributes pertaining to the text message can be added to the body and subject line of the email. 2) We will forward the sms we received to a text enabled phone number. Forwarded texts are limited to 160 characters, so by enabling the checkbox below the number input, the entire message will be sent in multiple chunks. Lastly, 3) we will send a SMS reply to the person who texted.Reply to message
  • You can have multiple triggers set up for each tracking number so different actions can be taken for different scenarios. In this example we added a new action “contains” so if someone texts “Astley”, we will respond with a specific message.You can have multiple triggers set up for each tracking numbe
  • After you have created all the rules of what to do when someone texts your number be sure to Click the “Save Changes” button

Don't forget to save changes

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