Export Customer/Sub Account Usage

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If you are an agency on the advanced or elite plan, you can export a spreadsheet of all of your sub-account’s usage across a certain date range. Many agencies will use this for reporting and billing purposes. To do so, go to reporting > agency dashboard and click the export usage button at the top of the page.

This will email the file to you.

You can also go to Reporting > Account Usage.
From there you will automatically see the usage for the account you are in. But you can click on the All Accounts button in the upper right hand corner

This you can break down to show how its billed *customer billing or agency shared*
You can group by tracking number or account.  You can filter by a date range

You can Show Units which adds in the cost per unit or the average per unit. If you are filtering by Account and an account has toll free numbers as well as local number the unit would show on average. Where as if you are filtering by number the unit will show the actual cost.

You can export the usage and the file will be emailed to you.

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