Salesforce: Assign Salesforce Leads to Correct Agents and Users

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Calls/Leads can be attributed to a specific Salesforce user by mapping an Agent Profile to the correct Salesforce user.

To get started, click Settings > Users, find the User in the list, and click the “Edit” button to the left of their name.

On the left, click Agent Profile to scroll to the Agent Profile section.

Under Salesforce User, click the “Type a Salesforce username” dropdown and start typing the Salesforce user’s name, then click on their name to select it.

Make sure and click the “Save changes” changes button before you leave this screen.

NOTE: The connection between a call agent that handles a call and a Salesforce user being assigned to a Lead only happens if the call is directly to an agent (not a receiving number) or if the call is routed through a call queue.

Enter Salesforce username

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