Call Extensions & Call Only Ads troubleshooting checklist

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CTM call log with ad extension visitor detail missing

For our Google AdWords Integration for call extension and call only ads to work properly you must complete the following steps:

  • The tracking number must be an offline source.
  • The AdWords integration needs to be completed.

AdWords integrations inside of CTM:

  1. Associated the tracking source(s)
  2. Activate Call Extensions
  3. Copy the AdWords script

AdWords integration inside of AdWords:

  1. Add the Ad Extension tracking number as a call extension. More about Googles Call Extensions and Call Only Ads
  2. In the edit phone number box ensure that call reporting is turned on. This step is required to capture visitor data.
  3. Expand the advanced box and ensure that the count calls as phone call conversions check box is selected.
  4. Navigate to Bulk Operations> Scripts
  5. Click the red button (“+SCRIPT”) to add a new script.
  6. Paste the script from CTM into the code section in AdWords. Name your script “CTM Call Reporting.”
  7. Authorize the script to run.
  8. Save and click Close.
  9. From the list of scripts, add a schedule. Set it up to run hourly.

If the nine steps have been followed and you’re still not seeing call data associated with the call, check to see if Google AdWords is tracking the calls. For a call to be counted as a conversion in AdWords Google requires some proof verifying that it was in fact, a Google paid call.
*We can only match campaign data to a call if Google and CTM are both tracking the call. This happens from a double forward, a Google forwarding number, forwarding to a CTM tracking number. 

How to check the inside of AdWords to see if Google is tracking the calls:

  1. Inside of AdWords navigate to the Dimensions tab.
  2. Select Call details from the view tab
  3. Make sure that your time frame in CTM and AdWords are the same.
  4. If Google isn’t reporting any phone calls the campaign data won’t pass to CTM because Google is reporting no matches.
  5. If Google is reporting phone calls and CTM isn’t, that means that the call wasn’t using a CTM tracking number.
  6. If Google is reporting phone calls and CTM is but without campaign data, this means that the integration wasn’t setup properly. Commonly, this is because the script isn’t set to run hourly. If the script doesn’t run than Googles not passing us the visitor data.

Inside of Google AdWords dimensions and view

Q) Why would CTM track a call from the source of call extension and Google AdWords wouldn’t?
A) Google forwarding numbers weren’t available at the time of the search. For campaign data to pass it has to be a double forward – Google forwarding number, forwarding to a CTM tracking number. More about Google forwarding numbers.

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