Tracking Display Ads – Google and non-Google setup

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Tracking Display and Remarketing Ads

CallTrackingMetrics has a direct integration with Google AdWords, meaning for display and remarketing ads in AdWords, there isn’t any additional configuration needed outside of the integration setup to track calls that were generated from clicks to those ads.

If your hard coding a tracking number into the ad copy, you’ll need to create a new tracking number and custom tracking source. The tracking source will need to be an offline source since the callers never comes in contact with our tracking code.
Even though the tracking source is an offline source, you can program the campaign information to be automatically added to the call. This can be done in the tracking source setup, in the Google Analytics section.

Tracking source setup in the Google Analytics section

It’s important to note and understand that even though you can manually add in the source of Google and Medium of PPC or Display, the call will not be able to be attributed in Google AdWords as a conversion because there wasn’t a click associated with the call.

If you’re running a display or remarking campaigns with a different platform other than Google AdWords, you’ll need to create custom tags and a custom tracking source for the campaign.

For example, if you are running Adroll Remarketing Ads, You’ll need to tag the ads destination URL with something like: .
The custom tracking source would need the be an online source with the landing page URL parameter that match the campaigns UTM parameters.

Source Triggers

Because each tracking tag will be custom to your tracking source, we cannot create preset tracking sources. When you create a new tracking source it’s always best to test your work to ensure the number is correctly swapping.

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