Call Triggers

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Call triggers can be used to automatically take your call data and use it to create workflows, such as applying a tag to a call or setting a dollar value for the call. Below is an example trigger and how to set it up within your account.

To create a trigger for billing a customer for calls over 30 seconds, go to the Calls menu and select the option for Triggers.


  • Trigger Name (Billable Calls).
  • Trigger Once all information about the call is captured (This trigger can change depending on what we a triggering the call for).

Adding the workflow:

  • Click +Add Workflow
  • Select the matching rule for billing a call (Talk Time)
  • Select greater than or equal to
  • Enter 30 and then seconds from the drop down

Add Action:

  • Click +Add Action
  • Select either Conversion or Update custom field (depending which field you would like the billable amount to appear)
  • Enter the amount that the customer will be billed (85.00)
  • Click Save Changes

Adding the workflow

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