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CTM Auto Dialer

The CTM Auto Dialer allows you to automate your outbound calls based on criteria and timeframes that you customize, helping your team instantly connect with prospects and customers in need.

By defining rules and milestones in the Auto Dialer’s control panel, you can manage your calls simply and strategically in line with agent availability and caller behavior. The result is increased responsiveness, better lead cultivation, and higher conversion rates.

There are multiple use cases for the Auto Dialer feature:  

1. You define your agents who are making the calls, upload a list of contacts with phone numbers, establish what criteria around the call event do you define as a “successful call”, the quantity and frequency of dial attempts you want to make for each record, and then when your agents log in they will start to be connected with records from the list you uploaded at the intervals which you’ve defined.

2. You establish triggers for events that will have us add a contact record to the outbound dialer queue. When your agents log in and become available they will automatically be connected via an outbound dial to any of the pending contacts in your list. Some examples of criteria for contact records to add would be missed callers, callers other users tag for follow up, callers that interact with specific voice menus,or people that have sent a text message.

3. You create web forms with the CTM FormReactor feature and post them on your website and landing pages. The forms collect a phone number, when a user submits the form request they are added to the CTM dialer queue and connected to the next available agent at the interval and frequency you’ve pre-defined.

Things to consider when using the CTM Auto Dialer: 

  • The Auto Dialer feature requires an account on our Advanced Plan. You can verify your current plan here.
  • Making outbound calls this way requires that your agents are setup set up in a call queue using the CTM softphone to handle calls.
  • What do you want to define as a successful call? Common indicators are talk time over a specified length, a successful transfer of the call, or a manual disposition or button indicator.
  • Do you want to connect your agents first and then the caller, or do you want to connect the caller first then grab an available agent? For instances where you have 4 agents or less we always recommend dialing the agent first. In order to ensure contacts are getting a live agent when they are connected we recommend you have 4 or more agents to support a dialing the contact first.
  • What hours do you want to contact these records? You can specify what the acceptable hours to dial contacts are in the dialer config.
  • What outbound caller ID do you want to display? We provide three options for choosing an outbound caller ID:
    • Best match: will select the closest matching tracking number to the dialed number.
    • Use the agent’s assigned tracking number
    • Specific Number: we’ll always dial using the same tracking number.
  • Implementing the CTM Auto Dialer requires the purchase of an Accelerator Implementation Support Package. This dialer specific support package comes with a block of hours with a dedicated CTM Project Manager to help put your objectives into action using this tool.
  • You can request more information on our dialer product here.

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