Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Stripe

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Stripe allows you to charge your customers directly for usage at marked up rates. Your agency credit card will be charged for all usage through your agency’s shared balance. Customer usage is sent to the Stripe plan the customer is linked to, and Stripe will charge the customer according to the markups you have applied. The Agency Dashboard will include revenue and cost figures to keep track of usage.

Setting up the Stripe integration involves four main steps:

  • Link CallTrackingMetrics and Stripe
  • Create a plan in Stripe
  • Create a customer in Stripe
  • Create a price markup in CTM and link it to your customer’s subaccount

The Stripe integration is only available for plans with the ability to create subaccounts.

Integration Setup

1) Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Stripe.
2) Click Connect with Stripe.
3) You will be redirected to a Stripe page. From here you can create a new Stripe account and authorize access to CallTrackingMetrics, or you can sign in to your existing account first.
4) Click Authorize access to this account.

Create a Stripe Plan

In your Stripe account, you will need to create a plan to tie to your price markup in CallTrackingMetrics. To do this:

1) In Stripe, click Subscriptions in the left hand navigation, then click Plans in the top navigation.
2) Click + New to create a plan.

3) Enter in your plan information. An amount is not required for the CTM integration, but if you wish to charge a regular service fee, for example, you can enter it here.  If you do not wish to charge anything other than usage (including any markup) from CTM, set this to 0.

  • Note on Interval: the interval you choose determines how often the customer is charged for their usage. If you choose monthly, they will be charged once per month for the previous month’s usage.

4) Click Create plan.

Create a Plan

Create a Stripe Customer

You will need to create a customer profile in Stripe so that Stripe will have your customer’s payment information. This is the payment method that will be charged when the customer’s CTM usage is sent to Stripe. Each subaccount that you want to charge with Stripe will need their own customer profile in Stripe.

1) In Stripe, click Customers in the left hand navigation.
2) Click + New to add a new customer.
3) Enter in the customer’s email address and description.
4) Click Create customer.
5) This customer will now appear in your customers list. Click the customer’s email address in the list to view their details.
6) Here you will need to add a payment method for the customer. Click + Add card or + Add bank account to create a payment method.
7) Enter the payment details, then click Add card or Add bank account to save.

Add card or Add bank account to save

Create and Apply Price Markups

Price markups are used to tell Stripe how much to charge the customer. In order for the Stripe integration to work, the subaccount you want to use with Stripe billing will need to be set to use agency shared billing in CTM.

1) Navigate to Settings → Price Markups.
2) Click New Price Markup in the upper right corner.
3) Enter in your preferred markup settings. Click here for more information on creating markups.
4) In the Billing Plan drop-down menu, select Usage-based Stripe billing.
5) In the Associate to Stripe Plan drop-down that appears, select the name of the plan you created in Stripe.
6) Click Save Changes.

Now, you will need to link your customer’s subaccount to the markup you have created. To do this:

7) Navigate to Settings → Accounts.
8) Find the subaccount in the list that you wish to move to Stripe billing.
9) In the Billing column, click the pencil icon to edit the subaccount’s billing type. The subaccount must be using agency shared billing in order for Stripe to work.
10) Click Assign price markup… to go to the Apply Price Markup page.
11) Use the Price schedule drop-down to select the markup you want to use for this customer.
12) Enter the Stripe Customer ID. (This can be found in the customer’s profile in Stripe. Go to Customers and click on the customer’s name in your list, and the customer ID will be listed at the top of their detail page.)
13) Click Apply Price Markup.

Apply Price Markup

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