Call Recordings and Transcriptions

Capture critical call details with call recordings and transcriptions

When running a successful business or call center, your top priority is providing outstanding customer experiences. Call recording and transcription tools allow contact center managers to view conversation data in real-time, so that issues can be handled as they arise. 

You’ll also have access to historical data, allowing you to identify trends and call patterns, and then use those analytics to coach your team. 

Inbound and Outbound Call Recordings

As calls come into your advertising tracking numbers (or are placed outbound from your tracking numbers), you have the capability to record those conversations.

Call recordings are a great tool for sales, training, and management.

  • Never miss a detail. Call recordings allow you to revisit the conversations to double-check important information like phone number, email address, order numbers, and appointment dates.
  • Provide management with insight on how their employees are handling calls and allow them to revisit problematic conversations from unhappy clients. Recordings allow managers to review the conversation, better equipping them for handling the situation.
  • Audio files from your call recordings, as well as written transcriptions can be automatically emailed or texted to specific team members, or customers.
  • Call transcriptions transform the audio of your calls into speaker-organized scripts. This can be a great tool for reviewing calls quickly, spot-checking performance and identifying trends.

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