Call Tracking for Google Ads

Keyword level call tracking for Google Ads campaigns

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Combining CallTrackingMetrics and Google AdWords allows marketers to track and attribute phone calls as conversions in Google Ads up to 90 days after the click took place. This ensures that credit is received and attributed for every call generated from Google Ads campaigns, while at the same time adding an extra layer of tracking.

  • Google Ads
    Create a seamless flow of data, connecting the exact paid click to the caller
  • Google Analytics
    View your calls in Analytics and analyze them in conjunction with your website data
  • Keyword Optimization 
    Optimize ad campaigns by which keywords are driving calls and sales
  • Call Extensions
    Track each call from your click-to-call ads back to the keyword searched
  • Conversion Tracking
    Match calls to paid clicks and count them as a conversion in Google Ads

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Discover what you can do

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