Virtual Phone Numbers

Choose from 1000s of local & toll-free phone numbers & forward calls to any device

Local, Toll-Free, and Vanity Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers forward directly to any device & are activated in minutes

Our platform provides access to phone numbers in more than 80 different countries, offering both local and toll-free numbers. True 800 numbers and vanity numbers are also available upon request. There’s no long term commitment and phone numbers can be added or dropped at any time.

Local Phone Numbers
Local phone numbers are an excellent way to appeal to a hometown audience.
Toll-Free Phone Numbers
Toll-free phone numbers are a great way to appeal to a broad, national audience.
Vanity Phone Numbers
A vanity phone number can spell out a business name or service in a memorable way.

Get a New Phone Number & Forward Calls Anywhere

Instantly route calls to a cell, landline, or computer — any device. And know exactly who is calling as soon as the phone rings.

  • Carry over existing phone numbers at no cost.
  • Purchase true 800 numbers for your business.
  • Set up Virtual Voicemail.
  • Record and transcribe your calls.
  • Play waiting messages to callers.

Global Connectivity

  • Purchase local, toll-free, and vanity tracking numbers in over 80 countries
  • Display phone numbers local to your customers with GeoContact
  • Automatically GeoRoute calls based on location
  • Answer calls from virtually anywhere, through a browser-based softphone


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