Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

Powerful call analytics for businesses like yours

Make Every Conversation Count

Gain full visibility into your customer’s journey

Spend less time worrying about the mechanics of every call and focus instead on how to make the most of your conversations. At CallTrackingMetrics, we provide you with innovative marketing attribution and communication tools that unify your teams and accelerate the growth of your business. Get a clearer picture of how your phone calls are generated, how they are handled, and how they impact your bottom line with our platform.

Our unique call tracking solution is the only one to combine marketing attribution with robust call management tools. Capitalize on the insights you’re gaining on what’s driving your phone calls, texts, and form submissions, with tools to deliver a stellar customer experience. Our platform is fully customizable and can scale with businesses of any size, across any industry.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Eliminate waste in your budget and invest in what’s working

Identify the campaigns that are driving phone calls, text messages, chats, forms, and conversions with our call tracking software. We offer endless tracking number options for your online and offline marketing campaigns so you can identify the marketing effort that inspired your customer’s contact. Reduce your spend on the campaigns that aren’t driving leads or customers and direct that budget towards the ads that are clearly bringing in high-value calls, texts, and form submissions.

Truly Understand Your Customers

Tap into their wants and needs

Understanding what your customers are looking for and the problems they’re experiencing is invaluable. Our platform gives you the insights into what your customers are saying and the tools to make smarter, scalable decisions to optimize all areas of your business.

With every customer interaction, you can:

  • Track which marketing campaign led to the call
  • Surface valuable session data including searched keywords, previous calls, and past website visits
  • Isolate words of intent or specific keywords spoken on the call, then automate actions based on this behavior
  • Utilize call recordings and transcriptions to reference past conversations and coach new team members on how to best handle questions or challenges that arise
  • Leverage caller demographics to understand your audience and tailor your marketing efforts

Dynamic Communication Tools

Align your teams in one UCaaS platform

Go beyond the phone call and track all of your customer communications in our cloud-based unified communication platform. You can manage calls, text messages, chats, and form submissions in one place and leverage our tools to engage leads quickly.

Using our softphone, you can route inbound and outbound calls to your staff no matter where they are and eliminate the need for complicated handheld phone systems. Sophisticated routing options ensure that you make the most of every interaction by never missing a call and getting calls into the best hands quickly. Unified reporting allows you to see all your communications in one place.

Reporting in Real Time

Make educated decisions for your organization

Eliminate any blind spots around campaign and agent performance. We offer a variety of reports—from granular to high level—that dive into advertising channel performance, ROI tracking, and team metrics. Every report can be filtered, exported, and scheduled so you can access important data quickly and easily.

Capture your essential data points in the tools your team is already using every day. Powerful integrations with top CRMs such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and dozens of other platforms allow you to map intelligence about your calls and associate it with specific records and agents to give every team a bird’s-eye view of performance.

Unleash Your Potential

Discover what you can do with CallTrackingMetrics

When you truly understand what motivates your customers, the opportunities for growth are endless. Our platform is here to help you evolve and power your essential conversations with customers.

Many of our customers start using our platform to address one area of concern, only to discover new ways to solve other challenges. Join us for a tour of our platform—customized for your unique business needs—to see what that means for you.

Explore our customer success stories to see what magic happens when you combine marketing attribution with call management tools.