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Growth Plan Features and Pricing

A strategy-forward plan with advanced features and automation to drive the leads that matter most to you.

Elevate Your Full-Funnel Marketing Strategies

A flexible solution to customize your approach to attribution, conversion, and analytics

Our Growth plan builds on our core call tracking functionality with a breadth of features to put you in full control. Unlock our premium marketing integrations to seamlessly sync conversation analytics across your tech stack and layer on robust lead management options to give your marketing efforts a direct path to conversion. Our Growth plan gives you the tools to discover what’s driving real value for your business, and then automate it to fuel your growth.

$99/Per Month

Billed Yearly + Additional Usage Fees

  • Agency-friendly options with white labels & unlimited sub-accounts
  • Track unlimited form submissions
  • Integrations including Google Ads, GA4, and HubSpot
  • Automate conversation analytics, lead scoring, and tagging
  • AI lead qualification powered by ChatGPT
  • Enhanced security features
  • Triggers to automate workflows & analysis
  • Full access to live support from product experts
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Agency Forward

Onboard new clients with no hassle and no added cost, seamlessly integrate with your favorite martech platforms, and leverage white-labeling and billing options to turn our software into your profit center.

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Intelligent Analytics

Instantly qualify, score, and tag leads using AskAI, recordings, and transcriptions to reveal actionable data and send customized high-value conversions back to your ad platforms to inform smart bidding.

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Advanced Automation

Take control of your attribution and lead management strategies through customizable triggers. Define your conditions, set your desired actions, and let our automation put your vision to work.

Why Choose our Growth Plan? 

Supercharge your conversation analytics with automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and flexibility to customize everything from conversion conditions to lead scoring and routing. Plus, with cheaper usage, live support, premium marketing integrations, and a free sub-account structure it’s the perfect plan for marketers with a vision and holistic marketing strategy. It’s also great for:

  • Agencies managing client ad spend
  • Teams responsible for multiple locations
  • Industries with a focus on compliance
  • Marketers with a sophisticated marketing mix

Get Sales and Marketing on the Same Page

Check out our Connect plan to fuel your revenue operations

Remove the distance between marketing and sales, and leads and conversions. Our Connect plan gives sales teams the tools they need to take your leads and run with them. Automatically follow up on leads, sync to Salesforce, and generate endless real-time coaching opportunities to close the loop on your marketing efforts.

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When it Comes to Google, our Growth Plan has you Covered

Our Growth plan is where our automation and customization capabilities come together with Google to really shine. Our customers rely on Google at the center of their advertising and reporting approach so we’ve built our integrations to amplify those efforts. From two-way communication to inform smart bidding with only the conversions you define, to informing your analysis with custom GA4 and Universal Analytics events.

Not sold yet on the Growth plan

Let’s get your questions answered and give you an inside look at the features with a live product demo.