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Connect Plan and Pricing

Connect Plan

$ 329
billed monthly + usage fees
  • Custom Softphone
  • Live Chat - Available Add-on
  • Online Forms and Text Messaging
  • Smart Dialer
  • Salesforce Integration
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Bring all of your conversations together.

Align sales and marketing teams for a cohesive customer experience to drive conversions and maximize your ROI.

Omnichannel Communications

Manage all of your communication channels in one platform and engage your customers through calls, texts, forms, and live chat.

Custom Softphone

Configure our cloud-based softphone to route calls to teams anywhere in the world, with custom options for agents to score, tag, and apply notes to calls in app.

Smart Routing

Route calls based on the caller's online activity, history with your company, and demographic information.

Automated Intelligence

Eliminate manual tasks for your team with AI tools that trigger workflow actions based on specific behaviors.

Connect Plan Numbers & Minutes Pricing
Local numbers -
Toll-free numbers -
Outbound calls -
Local minutes (call forwarding) -
Toll-free minutes (call forwarding) -
Text messages (inbound) -
Local minutes (CTM Softphone) -
Toll-free minutes (CTM Softphone) -
Text messages (outbound) -
Connect Plan Dial Prefix Pricing
— (see all)

The inbound rate is dependent on the receiving number for your tracking numbers. Find the exact inbound rate for your receiving number at our rate lookup page.

Product Support

Onboarding webinars
Guided tours
Onboarding call
Implementation packages

Top Features

Live Chat
Anonymize calls, texts and forms
Agent call scripts
Redact content from calls, text and forms
Microsoft Dynamics
Post-call surveys
Import contact lists

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