CallTrackingMetrics Integrates with Optimizely to Help Customers Deliver Better Experiences Online


CallTrackingMetrics, leading provider of call tracking and management services, announced today that it integrates with Optimizely, the world’s leading experience optimization platform. By bringing together these two systems, businesses will be able to measure how every experiment on their website affects their inbound call volume and sales.

The CallTrackingMetrics Optimizely integration tracks which experiments and variations are driving phone calls and sales so that customers’ websites can be optimized around phone calls and revenue. As a phone call comes in, CallTrackingMetrics associates a website visitor to the call along with all the Optimizely data for that visitor. Reporting in CallTrackingMetrics and Optimizely allow users to see calls in the context of the other engagement and conversion statistics they are monitoring.

Laure Fisher, the COO of CallTrackingMetrics, describes the integration, saying “so many businesses wonder- what if I changed the color of this button? Or the call to action on this page? Would I get more phone calls and more sales? By bringing together Optimizely and CallTrackingMetrics, they now have the answers and the ability to change things quickly in response to data gathered.”

“Optimizely is committed to providing the leading experience optimization platform so that our customers can choose from any of the best of breed platforms available to work alongside Optimizely,” said Travis Bryant, VP of Sales of at Optimizely. “We’re excited to have CallTrackingMetrics join Optimizely’s partner ecosystem to help our customers deliver better experiences online.”

To learn more and get started, visit Optimizely or CallTrackingMetrics.

About CallTrackingMetrics
CallTrackingMetrics provides advertising agencies and businesses the data and tools they need to understand which advertisements are driving phone calls and what is happening to the calls once they hit their call center. With over 20,000 customers in 60 countries, CallTrackingMetrics can track online and offline advertising campaigns and provides advanced routing capabilities for even the most sophisticated call center. In addition to Optimizely, CallTrackingMetrics offers integrations with Google Analytics, AdWords, CAKE, Salesforce, and HubSpot.