Call Tracking and Google

Google Ads call tracking helps fill in the gaps between online and offline conversions.

Unlock ROI with paid search offline conversion tracking

If you’re running PPC campaigns through Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), your main goal is likely driving more conversions. But one thing some digital marketers overlook are the conversions they may miss due to gaps in tracking. With Google Ads call tracking, you get visibility into the offline activities unseen by typical online conversion tracking solutions, such as Google Analytics goals.

How does Google Ads call tracking work?

Google Ads call tracking uses call forwarding numbers to track calls for call extensions and call-only ads. Call reporting in Google Ads allows you to see details of the calls and add them to your conversion tracking.

How CallTrackingMetrics’ Google call tracking is different

CallTrackingMetrics offers additional functionality and tracks calls from Google Ads through its unique tracking numbers and dynamic number insertion (DNI). The results? Increased ROI and more effective, cost-efficient campaigns.

Delivering game changing ads tracking by directly integrating with Google

Marketers can easily customize Google call tracking with our Direct Connect Integration to directly influence offline and online conversions. And as a Google Call Details Forwarding provider, we receive enhanced data from Google Ads on click-to-call, call-only ads, and extensions. Plus, if you prefer Google Analytics goals, we automate that too. No matter how you use Google Ads, we provide the flexibility to maximize the ROI on your marketing dollars.

Advanced conversion tracking with Google Ads, Google Analytics, and CallTrackingMetrics

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Keyword-level attribution for digital campaigns

We’re able to pull session data and attribute calls, texts, form fills, and even live chats down to the keyword level for paid media campaigns like Google or Bing Ads. Knowing which keywords are driving conversions is one thing, but knowing which keywords are driving high-quality conversions is what will truly advance your marketing strategy.

Using call tracking with click-to-call (CTC) ads

DNI is great for tracking calls where users end up on your website. But what about CTC, where users click or call directly from an ad? Call-only ads and call ad extensions often remain a blindspot for digital marketers without robust call tracking. With Google Ads Direct Connect, offline conversions are passed directly to Google Ads and, in turn, Google passes CTM campaign details.

Improve ROI with reliable marketing attribution

Our reporting and call analytics provide actionable insights not just for Google Ads conversions, but for both online and offline advertising sources. Bringing all your conversation analytics into one platform makes it easier for your marketing team to act decisively and optimize your campaigns in real-time to fuel growth.

See how Lice Clinics of America increased lead volume by 70% with paid media call tracking.

Did you know that we offer a pre-set tracking source for Google My Business? And, we'll send call data into Google Analytics as Events.

CallTrackingMetrics Integrations with Google

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