Call Tracking and Google

Send call data into Google Analytics and Google AdWords

Keyword-Level Call Attribution

Integrate CTM with both Google Analytics & Google AdWords to automatically send calls generated from paid clicks into AdWords as a Conversion.

With our Google Analytics integration, CTM call data can be viewed as Events, Goals, and Conversions. By connecting AdWords, users can also track calls from those campaigns, including Click-to-Call and Call Extension calls, as Conversions in Analytics.

Not only will CTM attribute calls down to the keyword level, but we also provide the tools to record, transcribe, and score your calls. This means marketers can accurately measure Google AdWords campaign performance down to the keyword level, and optimize efforts around which ads/keywords are converting leads and increasing ROI.

Keyword-Level Call Attribution with CTM and Google

Google AdWords Call Tracking

Powerful Reporting

Optimize your AdWords ROI and increase conversions

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AdWords Reports
Keyword Reporting
Conversion Reports

The Conversion Blind Spot
This guide examines how call tracking and Google's powerful tools work together to close the conversion gap.

Keyword Optimization

Optimize Google AdWords campaign performance by knowing which campaigns, adgroups, and keywords are generating the most leads and revenue. Create custom reports to view call data against lead volume and revenue to easily scale campaigns for maximum value.

Additional Resources

Conversion Theory

Conversion Theory

Let’s be frank, understanding conversion tracking and attribution is a bit more complex than most people anticipate.


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