How to Use CallTrackingMetrics for Google Ads Call Details Forwarding

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Google uses forwarding numbers to collect click-level attribution data from calls generated by its paid search call ads. Using CallTrackingMetrics in conjunction with Google call forwarding takes click-to-call ad tracking to a whole new level. Not only can you use CallTrackingMetrics to see the campaign, ad group, and keyword that generated a call, but you can also:

  • Use call scoring to add quality identifiers to every call
  • Pass only quality calls back to Google Ads as conversions for optimization through our Direct Connect integration
  • Record and transcribe calls and route the calls based on custom triggers
  • View call data from all of your advertising sources (including Google Ads) in one place

Setup CTM tracking numbers with Google call ads

In Google Ads, enable call details forwarding in Account Settings and select CallTrackingMetrics as your call analytics provider. Sign up for a CallTrackingMetrics plan* or contact us for a custom demo to get set up on the right plan for you. You will then obtain tracking number(s), set up a tracking source for ad extension calls, and complete the Google Ads Direct Connect integration within CTM.

Then you will place the tracking number provided by CTM directly into your call ads in Google Ads. When a user places a call to your business from your Google ad, CallTrackingMetrics will receive the call, along with click-level attribution data, and forward the call to you, based on the settings you configure in CTM. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

*Note - you must be on the Marketing or Contact Center plan to get full attribution data through the unique click ID and pass conversion data back to Google.

How CallTrackingMetrics’ Google call tracking is different

In addition to being an exclusive call analytics provider for Google Ads, CallTrackingMetrics also tracks calls with Google Ads through its unique tracking numbers in combination with dynamic number insertion (DNI) for calls generated on your website from a user who clicked your ad on Google, to further eliminate any conversion blind spots.

Our reporting and call analytics provide actionable insights not just for Google Ads calls and conversions, but for both online and offline advertising sources so you can improve ROI. Bringing all your conversation analytics into one platform makes it easier for your marketing team to act decisively and optimize your campaigns in real-time to fuel growth.

Five Reasons to Love our Google Ads Direct Connect Integration

As a truly bi-directional integration, conversion data from your call ads can be sent back into Google from CTM as offline conversions, so you can seamlessly optimize your campaigns to drive higher-value conversions and boost revenue. Here are five reasons why you should check it out now.

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