Elevate Your Contact Center

One unified, cloud-based communications solution

Improve Your Call Center Technology

Discover a UCaaS platform packed with capabilities

Today’s customers expect rapid and effective support every time they contact you. Despite this demand, most call centers don’t know what inspired customers to call them—so you end up providing reactive support, as opposed to proactive.

CallTrackingMetrics is the only contact center solution with marketing attribution software built in. Our powerful UCaaS platform lets you know upfront who is calling in, what campaigns they were referencing, and their previous history with your company. Partnering this data with tools to automate and streamline your team’s workflow frees you up to focus on truly delighting your customers.

Omnichannel Routing and Automation

Get your caller to the right person, every time

Reduce friction for your customers and increase conversion rates by routing incoming calls, texts, and form submissions to the right agents with as few transfers and as little wait time as possible. CallTrackingMetrics automates routing based on customizable agent queues, location, availability, and more. You can see everything about a caller’s recent activity to decisively route them where you want them. Manage all your texts, forms, and calls in one place with our unified communications platform.

Conditionally direct calls, texts, chats and forms based on:

  • Actions the customer has taken on your website
  • Whether they’ve previously contacted your business
  • Which agent they last interacted with
  • Custom criteria unique to your business needs
  • The location nearest to your customer

Modern Workforce Communications

Never buy another phone system

Say goodbye to internal IT concerns, hardware costs, and service downtime with our cloud-based softphone. Everything your team needs to succeed and scale is on their computer or smartphone. Since our softphone is browser-based, upgrades don’t require buying new phone hardware. Our UCaaS platform grows with you, with flexible month-to-month agreements and no price-per-head or user costs. You can manage remote staff, access virtual voicemail, and forward calls to any device around the world.

Maximize Team Productivity

Empower your team with tools for success

Help your staff respond to customers more quickly, monitor call volume, and generate conversions.

Call Queues

Route calls to groups of agents based on schedules, weightings, skills, or caps using different routing styles, like round robin and sticky routing.

Manager Tools

Use live listening tools to assist your staff on calls with the ability to coach, join, or end calls. Agent scripts provide team members with custom messaging for clear, consistent communication.

Powerful Integrations

Sync critical customer information from your CRM or service platform into CallTrackingMetrics, so your team has all the details they need to assist customers and close the sale.

Live Agent Performance Reporting

Monitor the number of calls taken or missed, calls that generated conversions or solved issues, and average time spent per call in real time for each of your agents.

Conversation Analytics

Make the most of every phone call with actionable insights

Capture key insights about your customers and campaigns using tools like keyword spotting, call recordings, and transcriptions. You’ll be able to score calls, determine product interest, and monitor customer satisfaction using intelligent word detection that can be customized to highlight when specific phrases are spoken on calls. Call recordings and transcripts help train new team members and maintain quality assurance on calls.

Prospect New Business

Never miss an opportunity with our smart dialer

Drive productivity by automating your call center's outbound calls based on criteria and timeframes that you customize. Define rules and milestones in your smart dialer so you can strategically manage calls in line with your team’s availability and caller behavior. You can even nurture or re-target a particular segment of your database and layer in custom follow-up communications, such as a text message two days after a call, to deliver results.

Align Your Entire Organization in One Tool

Bring things full circle for your marketing, sales, and support teams

Increase efficiency and achieve higher conversions thanks to increased visibility across teams into what’s driving phone calls and how you’re managing them. You’ll discover patterns you didn’t even notice before with our UCaaS platform. Powerful integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and top marketing automation and support platforms help you capture information in the tools your team is already using every day.

Own Your Customer Experience

Exceed expectations and grow your business

When your team is able to work smarter, not harder, you make it possible to truly wow your customers. Discover how contact centers like yours have utilized CallTrackingMetrics to automate their internal processes, drive stronger team performance, and improve the quality of their customer interactions.

See what we can do for you. Join us on a custom demo tailored to your organization’s goals.