Conversation Analytics

Save time and energy by capturing key details from the conversation automatically.

CallTrackingMetrics conversation analytics uses cutting edge technology to transform how users interact with current and past calls, by converting audio into speaker-organized scripts and analyzing them for keyword patterns. This is a great tool for reviewing calls quickly, spot-checking performance, and identifying trends in conversations.

Audio Features

Inbound and Outbound Call Recordings

Call recordings allow managers to review performance and agents to revisit past conversions to verify important information like phone number, email address, order numbers, and appointment dates.

Live Listen

With live listen, you can listen to live calls without interrupting the conversation or alerting either party. This is a great tool for training and quality assurance.

Call Whispers

Call Whispers are customizable announcements for either the caller or the receiving party. The receiving party whispers are only heard by agents answering the call, while the caller will only hear ringing until the call is connected.

Call Transcriptions

Call Transcriptions transform the audio of your calls into speaker organized scripts, allowing you to search your call log for specifics words in a conversation. Transcriptions are available for both inbound and outbound calls and are only compatible when call recording is activated.

Keyword Spotting

Our keyword spotting technology analyzes call transcriptions for the presence of particular keywords and provides a variety of actionable triggers such as

  • Exclude the call
  • Send an email
  • Score or rate the call
  • Convert the call
  • Tag the call

The ability to instantly categorize and score calls based on conversation patterns makes it easy for managers to monitor agent performance and automate workflows.

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