Call Management Tools

Incredible Insights into your Calls and Agents

Our Contact Center account tools have been specially designed for the needs of a bustling call center. From basic oversight to complex management, we’ve got you covered.

Managers and Agent Groups

Users of Contact Center accounts can be registered as Agents or Managers. A manager can be assigned to oversee and interact with the calls of any custom group of agent-level users. Managers can also be supervised by any number of escalating levels of management.

There are many ways in which a manager can interact with the calls of their agents:

  • Live listen to calls using a visual indicator, with a graph display for the audio.
  • Barge, which enables a manager to join a call in order to assist the agent. The manager then becomes the call moderator, so that they can optionally kick the agent from the call.
  • Coach, which allows managers to “whisper” to an agent during a live call.
  • Drop, which empowers a manager to forcibly end any call without barging.

The Agency Dashboard

Contact Center Plan users can toggle their Agency Dashboard into Manager Mode. This a condensed dashboard that displays the activity of a group of agents in the top half of the screen, and a card view for each agent at bottom.

Clicking on an agent's card will pop out a panel that displays all of that individual's activity. In this panel, you can view all of that agent's statistics at a glance — breaks, missed calls, active calls — as well as scroll through a list of their last five customer interactions.

Manager Mode does more than display a bird's eye view of a group of agents' it also enables managers to interact with live calls. When an agent is selected and on an active call, a series of familiar icons will be available to their manager to select: Live Listen, Barge, Coach, and Drop Call.

Feel free to listen in and watch the dynamic audio flow through, barge into the call, coach your agent on the best way to handle their interaction, or enter your password to force their call to end.