Call Whispers

Arm your agents with powerful caller details before they are connected

We offer two different types of call whispers:

  1. Whispers that play to your callers when they call your tracking numbers
  2. Whispers that play to your agents receiving inbound calls through your tracking numbers

Whispers can be used to announce important information, such as the call being recorded, to provide other instructions, or to give your agents up-front information about the caller before they are connected to them. Whispers are a great way to cover all the bases legally and allow your agents to customize the conversation based on what they know about the caller as they are connected.

What are call whispers?

A call whisper is a voice message that either the caller or the agent will hear before the call is connected. Whispers can be used for important announcement or to give call agents information about a caller before the call is connected.

Both types of whispers are completely customizable and can be recorded in your own voice, a professional actor’s voice, or using text-to-speech technology. They can also be in different languages.

It is important to follow the laws of your jurisdiction about the requirements for announcing call recording to your callers.

You can set up two different types of whispers that play to your agents when a call comes through your tracking numbers:

  1. Account whisper messages will play to the receiver of the call just prior to the caller being connected. It can make a general announcement that you want the receivers of your calls to hear across all of your tracking numbers. Many people use this to announce to the receiving party that the call is being recorded.
  2. Source announcement whispers announce the advertising source of the incoming phone call to the receiver of the call before the call connects.  For example, it might say “new call from Facebook Whitepaper Ad.” It will announce whatever the tracking source is named for each of your tracking numbers.


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