Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Google AdWords

CallTrackingMetrics makes it easy to see your phone calls in Google Analytics as events, and in Google AdWords as conversions.

Follow these 5 steps to set up the integration:
  1. Connect CallTrackingMetrics with Google Analytics
  2. Ensure your Analytics and AdWords accounts are linked
  3. Create goals around the call events in Analytics
  4. Import those goals for Analytics into AdWords
  5. Ensure auto tagging is turned on in AdWords
In order for the sync of information to work between CTM and Google AdWords, you need to install our tracking code on your website. You can find that code for each of your accounts here.

  1. Navigate to the Google Integration page. Settings ▸ Accounts settings ▸ Metrics Integration ▸ Google Analytics
  2. You willl also need to be logged into your Google account in another tab.
  3. Click the link my account button On the Google Integration page in CTM.
  4. Authorize CallTrackingMetrics to link to your Analytics account
  5. Once authorized, selected the correct UA profile from the drop down menu

At this point you have given CallTrackingMetrics access to send inbound calls into Analytics as Events. Those events will be named Calls. The calls event can be found in Google Analytics under Reporting ▸ Behaviors ▸ Events ▸ Events Overview ▸ Calls

Step 2: Ensure Your Analytics and AdWords accounts are linked

It is imperative that your Analytics account is linked to your AdWords account. This will allow information to seamlessly pass from AdWords to CallTrackingMetrics and back. Meaning that in your CallTrackingMetrics call log, you'll be able to see the campaign information for each call and in AdWords you'll be able to see the calls as conversions.

To check that your accounts are linked, visit the Admin section of Google Analytics and look at the "AdWords Linking" section within "Product Linking".

*Troubleshooting: If you are not seeing your campaign information coming through in your call log, odds are your Analytics account isn't properly connected to your AdWords account.

Step 3: Create goals around the calls events in Analytics

Setting up goals around the Calls events allows those events to import into AdWords. To accomplish this, in Analytics:

  1. Go to the Admin Panel ▸ Goals (From the profile column) ▸ Create goals
  2. Name the goal something you will easily recognize such as Calls or Google Paid
  3. There are 4 fields in the event conditions
    1. Category
    2. Action
    3. Label
    4. Value

The only field that is required is the Category, and the Category needs to be Equal to Calls. This tells the goal to pull from the event of Calls.

Description of Fields:

Category: Must be equal to Calls, The category is the event name, in this case we are sending the events to analytics as calls so the category must be equal to Calls.

Action: Refers to the tracking source of the call, leave blank to have goals complete for all sources. Or you can create multiple goals to complete for each individual source for example Google AdWords. It's important the source is an exact match to the source in your CallTrackingMetrics account.

Label: Refers to the whether or not the caller is a first time caller or a repeat callers. If you'd like your goal to complete for both first time and repeat callers leave this column blank. If you'd like to track first time callers change the "Equals to" to "Regular Expression" and input first-call into the field.

Value: The value is equal to talk time, not dollar amount. If you want to only have calls that are more than 30 seconds converted, then you would input 30 into the value field. If you want the goal to convert no matter the duration of the call, leave this field blank.

Use the event as the goal value for the conversion:

Turn this on only if you want a value to be imported into Google for the goal completion. If you turn it on and leave the field blank, then the value will be equal to the length of the call in seconds. If you put a value in the field, then that will be the set value of each call.

Step 4: Import those goals for Analytics into AdWords

Once your goals have been created and are completing you'll be able to import those goal completions into AdWords as conversions.
*The goals will not show up in AdWords immediately — typically it takes 2-5 days after the goals have started completing before you will have the option to import them into AdWords.

  1. In AdWords, go to your Tools Panel> Conversion> Conversions actions> Google Analytics
  2. In the Google Analytics tab, you'll see your goals from analytics that are ready to be imported into AdWords. Simply select the goals you'd like to import and select the Continue button.
  3. From here you can further customize the goal and then select the import goal button.
  4. At this point your inbound calls will be reporting into analytics as Conversions.

Because we are able to pull the campaign information related to the click that resulted in the call we are able to credit down to the keyword level for the conversion.

We are able to import non-adword calls into AdWords as conversions, however they won't be credited as a clicked conversion.

Step 5: Ensure auto tagging is turned on in AdWords

  1. In AdWords, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner
  2. Select Account Settings, then Preferences
  3. Confirm auto-tagging is turned on

Congratulations, your CallTrackingMetrics account is successfully synced with Google Analytics and AdWords!

If you have not yet linked your AdWords and Analytics accounts, you can follow these instructions:

Disclaimer: Our support team consists of Google Certified Partners and they are happy to assist you in the linking and set up of CallTrackingMetrics Integration with Google. However, our support team does not have access to view our clients data in Google Analytics or AdWords, nor do they have authority to request that information from Google regarding those accounts. We encourage you to utilize Google's support team when experiencing issues with your reporting in Analytics and AdWords.