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Create a seamless flow of data between CTM and Google Analytics

Send CallTrackingMetrics data into Google Analytics as events

Events in both Universal Analytics (GA3) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

With integrations for both legacy and future-forward Google Analytics properties, view your lead and conversion data right in Google Analytics to analyze them in conjunction with your website activity. CallTrackingMetrics includes default settings to send all inbound calls into Google Analytics as events for easy implementation. Don’t want all of your calls to go into Analytics? No problem. We can send events based on flexible conditions to only send the calls and conversions that make the most sense for your analysis.

With our GA4 integration, gain even more flexibility through custom parameters. Define your ideal event, attach any available data from CallTrackingMetrics as a parameter, and send the whole data set to your GA4 data stream for analysis. For our agency and multi-location customers, GA4 events can easily be assigned to multiple sub-accounts to standardize and effectively deploy across all of your Google Analytics properties.

Inform your Google Ads campaigns

Along with a dedicated integration for Google Ads, many of our customers also use our Google Analytics integration to sync goals and conversions to Ads. Create Google Analytics goals (GA3) or conversions (GA4) from the customized events from CallTrackingMetrics and send those into your Google Ads accounts to inform your smart bidding campaigns. Analyze your data in Google Analytics and make an immediate impact with Ads.

Google My Business

CallTrackingMetrics also works with Google My Business through our pre-set tracking source that allows you to send call data into Google Analytics as Events.

Tracking Click to Call and Call Extensions

Our integration will even track each call that was generated from your click-to-call ads and call extension ads, all the way back to the exact keyword and ad that led to the call. You will see this information in real-time for each call. By analyzing your calls with our reporting tools, you are not just optimizing around those people that clicked on the ads—but also the many mobile and desktop searchers who called directly after viewing the click-to-call ad or call extension ad.

Easy Setup

Our integration is incredibly simple to set up, and doesn’t require you to make any changes within your Google Ads accounts. Simply link your CallTrackingMetrics account to the web property where you want the data sent. If you are an agency with access to many web properties, CTM will prompt you to choose which web property to link to each of your client’s sub-accounts.

Improve Conversion Rates

CallTrackingMetrics’ unique algorithm is able to make an exact match between each website visitor and caller, so that every call is counted as a conversion in Ads based on the criteria that you set.  This provides ad managers the ability to know exactly which ads, keywords, and campaigns are leading to calls, so they can optimize campaigns with full confidence around their decisions.

What distinguishes our tracking numbers from Google’s tracking numbers?

Google’s Call Forwarding reports:

  • call start and end time
  • call area code
  • whether the call was answered or not
  • call duration
  • call conversions

CallTrackingMetrics reports:

  • All the information Google’s call tracking reports, PLUS:
  • call recordings
  • full caller ID (including name, number, and location)
  • the caller’s IP address
  • the tracking number the viewer saw on your website
  • the landing page they came in on
  • the last recorded URL they were on before they placed the call
  • all historical interactions with that caller (previous calls, website visits, agent notes, conversions, and ratings)


CallTrackingMetrics provides a variety of call routing features that Google does not provide, such as:

  • Geographic routing
  • Call queues
  • IVR menus
  • The ability to capture premium caller ID information such as name, full street address, gender and email address. Google isn’t able to provide any of that information. In fact, Google Analytics call tracking is only able to capture the area code of your callers, rather than their entire phone number.

Cost and Flexibility

  • With CallTrackingMetrics, you truly own your phone numbers, and they are exclusive to your business. Google pulls their numbers from a database, so the numbers in your ads may be shared with thousands of other businesses.
  • In CallTrackingMetrics, you’re able to track past the call extension in your ad copy, while Google’s advanced call reporting only allows tracking for the call extension. Once the viewer has clicked the ad, Google’s call tracking ceases.
  • While Google advanced call reporting is initially free, that ceases the moment that someone clicks to place a call, at which point you are billed the cost of a PPC ad click. So, depending on your cost per click (which typically ranges from pennies to up to double digit numbers) Google’s call forwarding might not be very cost-efficient.
  • Google’s call forwarding is only available in seven countries. Conversely, CallTrackingMetrics offers call tracking numbers in over 80 countries worldwide, with the option to choose between local, toll free, and vanity numbers for all regions.