Cake Integration

By connecting CallTrackingMetrics and CAKE, advertisers and affiliate networks can see their inbound phone calls as conversions in their CAKE reporting.

CAKE provides software for advertisers tracking performance across multiple channels and affiliate networks managing digital campaigns. They track an advertiser's digital marketing spend from the first click to the conversion so that businesses can optimize digital marketing spend to increase online sales and lead-generation efforts.

Once a CallTrackingMetrics account is linked to a CAKE account, users will begin to see calls being placed to CTM tracking numbers as conversions in CAKE reporting.  There are several ways to customize the integration such as only including unique calls as conversions (not repeat calls) and only including calls over a certain duration as conversions.

The integration is super simple and fast so that within minutes, calls will start appearing.

CallTrackingMetrics Also Offers a Number of Other Tools For Resellers and Affiliate Networks:

  • White Label With Your Branding so your customers will log in on your domain, receive emails from your email address, and consistently see your branding throughout the product.
  • Customized Agency/Client Account Structures to provide organized access to reporting for you and your clients. Create sub-accounts for each client with the ability to have users within each account.
  • Lead Distributor Options to send calls to a network of customers and configure how many calls each person should get per day, at one time, how much they are paying per call, etc.